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The mission of the SWC is to maintain a healthy, functioning Stillaguamish Watershed by providing a local forum in which agencies, organizations, communities, and the public can engage in a collaborative watershed based process of decision making and coordination.

Adopted by consensus November 15, 2000

Watershed Council Members

Watershed Council Meetings

The council provides a forum for stakeholders to consider and act upon issues affecting the health and sustainability of Stillaguamish Valley natural resources, especially recovery of salmonids through habitat restoration and conservation.  The SWC is the official council for Salmon Recovery in the Stillaguamish watershed. SWC members are committed to identifying, prioritizing, implementing and measuring targeted actions that seek to provide the greatest benefits for future generations. (Purpose Statement on June 24, 2015)


Founded in 1990, the Stillaguamish Watershed Council was formed in response to declining water quality conditions and salmon populations.  Formerly the Stillaguamish Implementation Review Committee, or SIRC, this partnership of organizations and individuals drafted the 2005 Stillaguamish Chinook Recovery Plan, and has been working dilegently towards recovery ever since.

The Stillaguamish Watershed Council (SWC) is a 25 member group of citizens, local municipalities, tribes, agriculture and forestry interests, flood control districts and environmental groups, who are dedicated to restoring and maintaining a healthy Stillaguamish River Watershed. Each year, the SWC produces a Three Year Work Plan, outlining the up and coming projects and funding needs, a Monitoring and Adaptive Management Report, outlining the successes and challenges of the previous year, and manges a Salmon Recovery Funding round, recommending quality salmon recovery projects to the State Recreation and Conservation Office. The SWC also manages a small grant round called the Stillaguamish Capacity Fund, which assist organizations in project development and lead entity tasks.

The SWC is governed by a set of bylaws which are updated annually, and are led by two co-chairs, who are elected annually. Anyone interested in getting a letter of support from the Stillaguamish Watershed Council should consult our letter of support policy.

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend SWC meetings, and learn about the activities currently taking place in the Stillaguamish Watershed. Agendas regularly reserve time for public comment.

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