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The mission of the SWC is to maintain a healthy, functioning Stillaguamish Watershed by providing a local forum in which agencies, organizations, communities, and the public can engage in a collaborative watershed based process of decision making and coordination.

Adopted by consensus November 15, 2000

In 1999, the Washington State Legislature created the Salmon Recovery Funding Board. The board provides grants to protect or restore salmon habitat and assist related activities.

The Stillaguamish Watershed Council provides recommendations to the Board each year on local projects worthy of funding. The merits of funding are based in part on how well these projects are supported by our Salmon Recovery Plan. The grant round includes a review by technical and community values experts. Criteria for this local review can be found here.

For more information on past SRFB projects, see the Stillaguamish Watershed page of the Salmon Recovery Portal.

Following are the documents project sponsors will need in order to apply for SRFB funds through the Stillaguamish Watershed Council. For more information on how to apply for funds, contact Kit Crump with Snohomish County Surface Water Management.

For 2022

Local Stillaguamish Request for Proposals

(SRFP/PSAR Final Proposals Due January 24, 2022)

SRFB/PSAR 2022 Grant Application Questions Word Document (if PRISM is not ready to receive new applications)

Technical Scoring Criteria 2022

Community Values Scoring Criteria 2022

RCO Salmon Recovery Grant Page (Link will automatically update to 2022 Manual 18 when it is ready).

Create a SRFB Application in SRP 2022

Salmon Recovery Portal

NOTE: The Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) approved in February, up to 10% of local watershed SRFB allocations (not Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration or PSAR) for use on monitoring status and trends of Chinook salmon or Chinook salmon habitat. contact Kit Crump if you have any questions.

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